Peter Lavinger ‘ 1,300 drumsticks ‘

Peter Lavinger of New York, USA, has collected over 1,300 famous drummers’ sticks since 1980. He was faced with a peculiar problem after he had picked up his 100th starry stick. He had no proof of their amazing origin. “People would say ‘Yeah, sure it was’,” he remembers. It led to the mammoth task of tracking down drummers and persuading them to sign their own sticks from 13 years ago!

The length of a drumstick ranges from 4.15 cm (16.3 in) to 38.5 cm (15.1 in), and weighs between 40 g (1.4 oz) and 70 g (2.5 oz). The top of a drumstick is called the tip, which narrows down to form the stick’s neck.

In classical Vietnamese music-theatre called Tuong, a drum was placed in front of the stage, which audience members could play to pass comment on the performers. For example, one beat on the drum told the performers to wind up whatever they were singing and move on to the next part.

1. Each drumstick in Peter’s extensive collection is valued at nearly $730!
2. All but thirty of the sticks he’s collected have been signed.
3. Famous drummers have made their marks on most, but other band members’ scribbled signatures are obviously accepted!
4. Peter has gathered his sticks by attending over 10,000 concerts over the years.
5. Peter’s passion for drumsticks has made him a friend of the stars!


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